Chen Style             Taiji (Tai Chi) Center
 Port Richey     Spring Hill        New Tampa Location 

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Take Charge of Your Health
If you're going to rely on someone rely on you 

Taiji (Tai Chi ) Classes for all ages
at  3 locations
    Health / Self Defense  / Private Classes   Now Available 

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Chen Village Trip Sept 2016
Contact us for details

Big Thanks to Master Zhu Tiancai.
 Seminar  Was Great.

MAY 14-15 Dover NH  Silk Reeling Seminar
(Improve your Natural Body Mechanics)
 Steve Contes will continue teaching the Zhu Tiancai Method of Silk Reeling.
Beginners, Advanced, Any Style 

Steve Contes Demonstrating
 Chen Taiji for Self-Defense


           Seniors Taiji (Tai Chi)        
                    for Health                 
Seniors Watch your first class                   
to view video, click photo below

   Your present level of health whatever that may be  
               can be improved with proper training. 
        No matter what  you perceive your personal 
    limitations  Taji ( Tai Chi ) offers something for all.


            China Trip Sept 2016
 Train in Chen Village 
  Visit historical cities in China
      Contact us for details

  The Taiji Center is proud to be the Tampa Bay Area's  only        member of Grand Master Zhu Tiancai's
                      International Taiji Federation (ITF).
 The place to study traditional Chen  Style Taijiquan as it was taught and still is today in the birth place of Taiji (Tai Chi)
Chen Village.
 ITF Membership-click here

       A Big Thanks to our visiting Chen Taiji Master
       From Chen Village, China

          Master Chen Bing 20th Generation


Can Tai Chi Be Used For Self-Defense?
                                 watch video below                                           

Click here for Chen Taiji Master Wang Zhanjun action clip

The Taiji Center of Port Richey Fl
(classes also in Spring Hill & Tampa) is a Full-Time Martial Arts School Focusing on Chen Style Taiji / Tai Chi & Qigong and how they apply to Health & Self-Defense in today's world.

Taiji is the ultimate reflection of Chinese Philosophy & Culture.
A system of rounded, fluid & balanced movements coordinated with breath which can be practiced on a daily basis by anyone, regardless of age or physical condition.

It stimulates the immune system, promotes good health and balance, tones the body, improves longevity and reduces stress.

It is also a practical form of self defense for the dedicated student and will enhance the skills for all martial artists.

It can be practiced both as a low impact exercise or a highly effective martial art.
The beginning student will enjoy some of the health benefits after only a short time of training while the more advanced student will experience the true benefits of Taiji as listed above.
Come in and try a free week of training.


Taiji / Kungfu Kids Class

Kids Traditional Taiji / Kung-Fu
Non-aggressive approach to self-defense, exercise & relaxation  
in a disciplined, but friendly atmosphere



Watch Taiji Form -click photo below


       Taiji Strength & Endurance Training Video                 
                                                         Click picture below for video

Balance Training Video
Click picture below


We also offer training in China with some of 
     the world's most famous masters.


New Online Skype Tai Chi Classes
Free Consultation Available
    Distance Training does not replace the need for a qualified   teacher, but it can assist for periods of time when you are   training alone


press for traditional Chinese Music



    Our goal is to promote proper Taiji training to all students interested.

When in Florida please feel free to come and pay us a visit. All visitors are welcome!

We offer Group Instruction, Private Classes and Seminars. Visit our Port Richey or Spring Hill Florida location.

Seminars & Classes for both
     Health and Martial Arts Available
at your location

      Contact us for more information.
727-859-8355 or 352-678-3201
    Main Location Taiji Center 9743-B US 19 Port Richey FL 34668

                   This site is dedicated to Master Kam Lee for his never ending 
 in both teaching and friendship.

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