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No two people are the same therefore no two Training Programs should ever be the same. 

Everyone is constantly changing as should your personalized program.

This is the difference of how I use my 45 years of exercise/martial arts exp  to customize your program for your unique needs. 

No need to join a gym.

No nonsense, no fads, no high tech, no packaged meals, no fancy supplements, no apps, no apple, no android, no fancy clothes. As a matter of fact, all you do need is  the desire to improve . 

Mostly everything we do can be done at home or outside with bodyweight exercises.

I'm not your training partner.

I don't follow the newest craze. I make you healthier tomorrow than you are today by educating you and you do the rest.

It's your job to keep moving in the right direction.

New lifestyle = New Life.

I will teach you how to train yourself.

If this makes sense to you contact  me for your free consultation.

Want  to feel like your (old) old self instead of your (present) old self

35 to 60 min sessions  (starting at $25 per 35 min) on-line available

Low Impact Programs Available For All Ages

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We cover every aspect of health for both mind and body for every age group.


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