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Chen Taijiquan as a Martial Art

For the serious student seeking the complete Chen Taiji Curriculum as taught in Chenjiagou (Chen Village)

Group and Private Classes Offered 

What separates Chen Taiji from other Arts?

The Natural Body Mechanics used when responding and delivering defensive techniques.  Come and find out how it can teach the beginner new  practical martial skills. Also why the well trained Martial Artist can make what ever they do even BETTER

What is Taiji (Taichi)


Martial Art or exercise for health?  BOTH.

Taiji is the ultimate reflection of Chinese Philosophy & Culture. A system of rounded, fluid & balanced movements coordinated with proper breathing which can be practiced on a daily basis by anyone, regardless of age or physical condition.

It stimulates the immune system, promotes good health, balance, tones the body, improves longevity and reduces stress.

It is also a form of self defense for the dedicated student and will enhance the skills for all martial artists.
It is  a defensive art utilizing all ranges of combat. It specializes in tempering the body to move in a most natural way using structure, proper body alignment, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscle, neurological pathways etc .... In turn  the body and mind operate together maximizing efficiency for all movement , breath and production of strength and softness as needed.   

It can be practiced both as a low impact exercise or a highly effective martial art.

The beginning student will enjoy some of the health benefits after only a short time of training while the more advanced student will experience the true benefits of Taiji as listed above.